Saturday, 18 July 2015

Oh it's a good life: relaxing summer days

It's a weekend. It's 40 degrees. The sky is a beautiful baby clue colour. There's not a thing in the world to worry about, except remembering to put your sun cream on. Unfortunately, I got stung by a wasp....twice. I'm not sure if it was two different wasps or the same vengeful wasp coming back for more. But apart from that little incident, my mood is literally on cloud 56. Well, it would be if there were any clouds.

Chris, Shaun and Zara came round and we played a game of volley ball in the pool: Italy Vs. England. Then we played our new favourite game, Smash Three followed by a good ol' relay race which btw, we won! 

Rita has to be one of the best cooks in the world. She brought out the loveliest food every single day. Today, we took into an assortment of organic, healthy, fresh Italian food either grown or made in Umbria.

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