Monday, 6 July 2015

Umbria: the green heart of Italy

The funniest thing happened when I arrived into Rome...
So I step off the plane ready to meet Chris, expecting him to be amongst the guys holding signs. No Chris. So I wait at the side expecting to bump into him.No Chris. I ring him and his phone was off. So I casually sit down pondering what to do. About 10 minutes later, Chris rings me telling me that as soon as he stepped off the plane, his phone died. So he had been wondering round the airport for half an hour trying to ask people for an iPhone charger. One man sent him to the toilet! He tried to offer a police officer 40 euros to borrow his iPhone charger to which the officer said no. Eventually he found a nice Chinese woman who let him borrow her charger. Which led him to some random terminal bar where he had no idea where he really was. So I told him I'd wonder round and see if I could find him. No Chris. We eventually found each other having figured out that we were in completely different terminals. So all was well. We chatted away on our way to coach to go to the train station. I asked Chris where his suitcase was and his face dropped: "I left it in the airport!" So we casually legged it back and found it. Phew. When we were finally on the coach to Roma Termini, we chatted away and when we got off we headed straight for McDonalds to meet Shaun. Half way queuing for some chicken nuggets, Chris put his hands over his mouth in shock. We'd left our suitcases on the coach. 
"I don't know whether to laugh or cry" I said
"No seriously I wanna cry, my hair-dryer's in that suitcase."
We dashed back to the coaches but about 7 of them all said "Roma Termini" on them. We had no idea which one was our coach or if it was even still there. Eventually Chris saw his suitcase in the open compartment and we picked up our luggage. Wow. What a start!

Later, we went to this lovely restaurant opposite Zara's house. After our meals, Zara ordered a big bottle of lemoncello that you're supposed to sip as a liquor. So me and Chris, being me and Chris, decided it would be a great idea to shot it. About 10 seconds after we did, I ran to the toilets. Not the best idea...

This is my home for the next month. This beautiful wonder of the world. The green heart of Italy with its spectacular views and spectacular organic food and spectacular weather and spectacular local community. Spectacular everything really. I wouldn't change a thing about it. I'm staying in a small town called Foligno and it's the type of place where you can step out of your doorstep and feel inspired. I'm teaching children at a summer camp in Trevi and I'm so excited to start. I feel truly blessed to have been given this opportunity and I couldn't be happier. 

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