Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Teaching in Italy: the best kids in the history of kids

It's a truly wonderful experience teaching at a summer camp with such a bunch of energetic, comical and lovely kids. It's also a wonderful feeling growing close to children despite a language barrier. It's just like I always say: laughter sounds the same in any language. It's simple acts of kindness, as Chris told me, that make all the difference. 
The Summer camp was 3 weeks long and every week had a different theme, culminating in the end of the week performance. The day was filled with an English lesson, sport, art, drama, games and surprise activities. And the occasional water fight here or there...

I feel so inspired to learn Italian and continue learning French. So many English people are so lazy when it comes to learning languages. It's great that English has become a global language but I think learning languages helps you connect with the world and certainly enhances your prospects. 

The kids have taught us so much. There's this game that's super popular here in Italy called Smash Three which is basically like volleyball but on the third hit you smash it at someone and if it hits them, they're out of the game but if they catch it, you're out. It's unbelievably competitive and addictive. These wonderful children also have so much energy: they can go for hours running around and playing handball or Chinese football in blistering temperatures. Being here has definitely inspired me to eat healthier. The kids have such amazing lunches of pasta with tomato and mozzarella or salad rice. For desert, they always have melon or chunks of peach. 

It's such an intense experience: we're up at 6am and camp starts at 8am then finishes at 5pm. But I wouldn't change it for the world. I feel so incredibly lucky to be here spending time with such a smashing bunch of characters. 

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